Our Solution for Personalized Retargeting

RTB House harnesses the power of highly-personalized retargeting campaigns to effectively cover ad spaces, delivering results that have a direct impact on your monthly revenue stream.

Retargeting Generates High Scores For Gaming Apps

up to


ROAS for Active Paying Users
up to


more attribution than our competition within the same budget
up to


ARPPU boost


higher payout for gaming apps using retargeting

Going the Distance with Deep Learning

We go a step beyond Machine Learning to increase the efficiency of your retargeting campaigns through more accurate CR and CTR predictions.

Deep Learning is the next
evolution of AI
Machine Learning
Deep Learning
  • 1
    Artificial intelligence

    Any technique that enables computers to mimic human behavior

  • 2
    Machine Learning

    A subset of AI techniques which use statistical methods to enable machines to improve with experience

  • 3
    Deep Learning

    A subset of Machine Learning which makes the computation of multi-layer neural networks possible

Player segmentation

To increase the effectiveness of our campaigns, RTB House’s retargeting solution leverages its ability to create niche player groups.
This enables you to prioritize and personalize the ads to their specific needs and gameplay behaviors.

Base Users

Active Users
Lapsed Users
Paying Users


Increase revenue from paying players

Non-Paying Users
Do not open the App


Improve engagement, drive first conversion, prevent churn

Bring valuable churned players back to the game

Uninstalled the App


Recover players who uninstalled the game

Creatives That Break Through Limitations

Take personalization to the next level and add Smart User Segmentation. Customize your message to each user segment, based on their game play, purchase history, etc. Our recommendation engine tailors offers individually for each player, presenting them with only the most desirable items from your offer!

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    Dynamic Item Banners
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    Special Offer Banners
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    Video Ads
    • Dynamic Item Banners

      Dynamic Item Banners

      Take personalization to the next level and add smart segmentation. Customize your message to each user segment based on their gameplay, purchase history, and more. Our recommendation engine tailors offers individually for each player, presenting them with only the most desirable options!

    RTB House teams

    Beyond our core products and traditional R&D activities, we have designated teams for innovation in areas like in-app gaming.


    AI Marketing Lab

    A unique environment for innovation in the retargeting and MarTech domains. As gaming apps become ever more powerful and complex, we are constantly looking for ways to introduce new solutions for targeting and retaining players.


    Creatives Lab

    Just like games, marketing communications are judged first and foremost on how they look. The RTB House Creatives Lab is focused on creating new ad formats that work on all devices. Our creatives perform as well as any game.

    How it works?
    339% ROAS after two months
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